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    Shamymitchelps THIRD ever follow forever and ever! Last time I made one I believe I had 500 followers and now you lot have gained me 200 more. I hope I continue to make friends <3 Don't ever hesitate to talk to me, I'm a great listener and sometimes I throw in a couple of jokes. Thank you again and don't feel bad if your name isn't here, just means you should talk to me more ;)

    Special thanks to my 700th follower emmieofrp and shelleyofrps for the beautiful graphic.

    ♚ Shaymitchelps’ Royalty ♚

    ♥ voidassists (Misha)- You are the bomb diggity, I love you so so much and I'm glad we always make bomb ships. Thank you for being one of the few people that truly care for me and is always there for me too. I'm blessed to know that I can consider you one of my best friends even if we live miles apart. I love you so much and keep being awesome.

    ♥ gabiofrp(Gabi)Met you unexpectedly when I became co-admin of peculiar and every since I always tried being the best admin just to make you happy. You're an awesome girl and despite our arguments you hold a special place in my heart.

    ♥ neverlandofrph (Micaela & Ariel)- You both are the sweetest girls I've met and are honestly the best! I love you both and I'm so glad I met you and develop a friendship. Thank you for everything and keep being awesome.

    ✉ Followers that I’d like to talk to but I’m too shy and awkward ✉

    prattrps ✿chloeofrp ✿rozhelps

    ✿ princessofrph ✿ dallasofrp ✿ eastwoodrps

    ✿ milkovichhelps ✿ nellieofrp ✿ ritassists

    ✿ loveforrphs ✿ solashofrp ✿ beaverofrp

    ✿ beckyrph ✿ let-chachi-and-phoebe-help ✿ crissrph

    ♡ People who are making my dash cool♡

    adeleofrp alirps alexassists alexarph alliaofrph allihunts allydiaservices aislenrph anastasiaofrp andrewgarfield-rps angelsofrp arizbethofrp athenaofrp audriarps avahelps avarps awitchrps baerph bambirps bandcrph bandrpaintbad barbararps beccablacks belindarps bellsrph bill-skrsgrd billieofrps biopsdsrph blueofrp boofrp boysofrp bridgetteofrps bryhelps bunny1x1 camiofrps carolinaofrp casparleehelps cassieofrps cateofrp charlieofwriting charstineerph chervisrph chrissyofrps cillianhelps cille-rp cocoofrps coletteofrp corymonteithrp crystalhelpsxoxo crysofrp cyrusassists cuteofrp cutiesrph danielle-rp danirps-xo debiofrp debbieofrps demiofc destinyhelps djofrp diamondrph drfaggotwrites drakehelps drickiofrps dudetalksrp 

    edsheeranrps effyrph  emaleighrps emilyassists emmaarps edurneassists ellarps ellsrps emmieofrp emuofrph emzrps evansyhelp ezrarph fancyrps fcsbelike fchelpers flameofrps gabassists gaysrph georginahelps gifshq grammarrph gustgronrph halesrph hardingrps harrystylesrps hartbigrps havenassists havenhelps hazelgracerph helpfulshay hermionerpc heroicfictions herondaleofrp hoodsrph horansrps hqgifhunts

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    Anonymous whispered:
    Would nathaniel buzolic pass as a brother to crystal reed? If not do you have any suggestions for someone that could be a 20-24 year old brother?

    I think he could pass, yes!


    CHARACTER PSD #01: VIOLATE DAYS {download}

    by thelonerph - If you are using it, please like or reblog. Do not steal.


    Theme #29 - Just Tonight

    • Best viewed on chrome
    • 500px posts
    • 500px header image
    • Description and additional links show up when you hover the title
    • Come to me if you need any help
    • Please like/reblog this post if using ♥


    THEME 20; king for a day

    my twentieth theme! I like this one quite a lot. you can play with colors or use just gray tones. I really like to use this one with bright navigation color and a colorful sidebar image and black and white posts but do whatever suits for you. follow the rules and have fun!

    → live preview


    - 4 custom links and theme credit
    - blog tittle after the posts
    - 150px x anything sidebar image
    - option for black and white posts and sidebar image
    - nice audioplayer for audioposts
    - custom colors, selection and scrollbar

    like/reblog if you use or like it, please



    live preview // code (pastebin)

    • Infinite scrolling (no pagination) 
    • Sidebar is 245px in width, so I recommend you keep it around that size.
    • Circle icon will appear as whatever your dash icon is (and can be removed if you know your way around html)
    • Three additional links, besides the ‘ask’ and ‘home’.
    • First theme, so it may be a little rough! I did try and work out most of the problems, so hopefully you should have none.
    • Please don’t copy or redistribute.
    • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to me!


    Google theme pack by syntaxthemes! featuring:

    Google Theme - preview | code

    a theme that looks just like the Google search results page

    the search bar actually works! you can search your blog with it

    optional pagination that looks like Google’s

    optional blogroll

    optional ‘account’ - with “add account” and “sign out” buttons that actually create a new blog or sign you out (isn’t that cool)

    fully customisable

    Google All-in-One Page preview | code

    an all-in-one page based on the Google search results page

    contains: about me, blogroll, navigation, and FAQ

    fully customisable; customisation instructions in the code

    Google Redirect/Hiatus Page preview | code

    a page based on the Google main page

    if “Hiatus” option is selected, it will have an ask box instead of a search bar

    Google logo can be replaced with any image, and will be automatically resized

    fully customisable

    terms of use

    if you have any issues or queries, feel free to contact me

    enjoy your new theme!



    Potterverse was inspired by the Harry Potter desk graphics that I made a few weeks ago. It can definitely be used for literally any roleplay if you change what’s on the desk, but it is made for Harry Potter roleplays.

    The fonts are orator std and across the road. You will need three face claim pictures or gifs. Pictures/gifs that are neck up work best. 

    It’s fairly simple to edit, as long as you don’t move any of the layers around, and have a basic understanding of clipping masks and gifs. Feel free to edit it, and if you do, I’d love to see what you did. However, do not redistribute this psd or claim it as your own.

    You can download this psd here. Please like or reblog if you are downloading, as this took me a lot of time to make. Do not claim as your own, although slight editing is allowed. If you need any help, you can ask me here.


    Psd #360  - by helppsds Please, don’t redistribute or claim as your own. Like or reblog if you download! DON’T FORGET!  For more psds and resources, visit: helppsdsDownload     ◕‿◕✿


     Pages [#2] — Portfolio [2]   by Fukuo

    Live preview and codes

    Hmm, I have some ideas to make a simple page like this so I decided to release it. This page is a portfolio page—you can use this as an anime recommendation page but this looks so simple, I’ll make an anime recommendation page if I have time! If you have any questions or suggestion, please don’t be hesitant to drop me a message!

    NOTE: The image size is 230px by 345px and I recommend you to keep the name of box short or it will look weird.


    • Illustration are made by me
    • Style-my-tool-tips by malihu
    • Multi-colored topbar by Excolo

    Please, like or reblog if you use or plan to use it! Thank you!

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