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    PSD 008

    made by incoloring,LIKE OR REBLOG if you download

    donwload here


    #1,468 gifs of David Henrie. None belong to me, all credit to the rightful owners. I apologize for any repeats. Please like or reblog if this was helpful to you. This is an updated post from my old rph from one year ago.


    [D O W N L O A D]

    swallowed in the sea • a fanmix dedicated to mermaids // listen here.

    1. riverside - agnes obel | 2. moon and moon - bat for lashes | 3. eyes on fire - blue foundation | 4. exploration - bruno coulais | 5. song of the sea - cake bake betty | 6. sea of love - cat power | 7. oceans - coasts | 8. cold cold water - mirah | 9. in the shallows - daughter | 10. youth - daughter | 11. mermaid - daughter darling | 12. dead in the water - ellie goulding | 13. what the water gave me - florence + the machine | 14. the water - feist | 15. from first to last - waves goodbye | 16. mermaids - hans zimmer |17. how to destroy 18. angels - a drowning | 19. the water - hurts | 20. in the sea - ingrid michaelson | 21. the sea and the rythm - iron & wine | 22. the water - johnny flynn & laura marling | 23. sea oleena - l. ron | 24. mermaid motel - lana del rey | 25. laughing with a mouth of blood - st. vincent | 26. feelings for something lost - library tapes | 27. crawled out of the sea - laura marling | 28. the killing moon - nouvelle vague | 29. mermaid song - sarah khider | 30. saltwater queen - the battle of land and sea | 31. moon mermaids - the do | 32. the mermaids song (my jolly sailor bold) - suu tam | 33. red sky - thrice | 34. sea wolf - whirlpool | 35. toxic - yael naim | 36. swallowed in the sea - coldplay


    Writers! Here, over here! Great plot generator



    THEME PACK 1 by lestranqe

    About 01: Who Goes There { Preview + Code }

    • Title and description
    • 4 or more customisable links
    • 275x170 sidebar image
    • Large writing space with auto overflow

    Navigation 01: Red and Black { Preview + Code }

    • Title and description
    • 4 or more customisable links
    • Corresponding tags appear when a category is selected
    • Unlimited tags in each category

    Blogroll 01: In My Life { Preview + Code }

    • Title and description
    • 4 or more customisable links
    • Individual blog title visible on hover
    • Contained blogroll with auto overflow


    • don’t steal or touch the credit
    • customising instructions included in the codes
    • designed for Theme 13, but can go with anything
    • send me an ask if there is a glitch / you need help
    • like/reblog if saving/using I’d really appreciate it
    • TARDIS Theme makers’ Network + my other themes



    Want to collaborate on a Google Doc with Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Dickinson, Dickens and Poe? 

    Click here. Start typing. Enjoy the hilarity. 

    Ninja Update: Wanna see something fun? Mention Shakespeare in a sentence and see what happens. 

    Poe kept writing distinctly into my sentences so I wrote ”Edgar, you’re not funny” aND HE BLATANTLY DELETED THE NOT I AM SO DONE WITH THIS ASDFKJL


    All in One Page — Panel [ preview | code ]

    Page featuring four pop-up sections: ask, tags, contact, and blogroll. Each panel image resizes automatically.

    Default panel images are by Shawn Dulaney

    Note: Remember to put your url in for your askbox to work!



    If you have any problem message me here.
    Please make sure to reset default settings before installing.

    There are many optional features included in this theme. And when I say optional, it means that you can choose to make them appear or not from the appearence section. All you have to do is enable/disable them. SO please read this post carefully.


    • Searchbox (optional).
    • Sidebar picture width:200px. You have the option to give it a circle shape,it will automatically be resized to 150x150px.
    • 3 navigation icons (home, ask and archive) also optional. If you choose to disable them, the two columns on the left including the icons will disappear and those links (and the pagination) will appear as text under the description.
    • 6 optional links under the “+ MORE”.
    • Pop-up askbox (optional).
    • You can show/hide the blog title.
    • Like and reblog buttons on posts (optional).
    • The right sidebar pictures will be resized automatically to 120x120px. This sidebar is also optional.
    • I also included in this theme the possibility to change the description font and font-size and the posts font and size from the appearence section. You’ll also be able to change the quote font size and include a Google Web Font name. 
    • As usual, colorized scrollbar and selection.
    • All colors are customizable.
    • You can edit it as much as you want but please don’t claim as your own, don’t use as base and don’t remove my credit.

    • Please like if you use/like the theme. Thank you and Enjoy!

    How to use the pop-up askbox:

    The theme has a pop-up askbox (try it on the preview). It is optional, so if you don’t feel comfortable with it, all you have to do is disable it on the appearence section.

    If you want to use the pop-up askbox, you’ll need to enter your url so that it works properly. To do so, go to customize, scrolll down and you’ll see this: “ASKBOX URL”. You’ll have to enter your url without http:// so it will look like this:

    Then you have the option to customize the pop-up askbox title, as seen in the preview. Again, you just have to type it on the appearence section, you’ll see “Askbox Title”, here it is.

    Since this theme offers a lot of possibilities, I decided to make different static previews to give you some ideas of what you can do.

    I also made 2 codes, one with the all the options available and a second one showing how simple the theme can look too, depending on the options and colours you’ll choose to use.

    ALL OPTIONS ENABLED VERSION: {Static Preview} - {Code}
    SIMPLE VERSION: {Static Preview} - {Code}



    Please, like or reblog this post if you take. Don’t repost and claim as your own. Notes inspire me to make more! ☆☆ download ☆☆


    fucked up kids

    • full page width header;
    • 4 links (+ home and askbox);
    • 130px sidebar image;
    • fixed sidebar.
    ps: header only shows in the first page so you don’t have to scroll past it in every page, unless you scroll up.

    preview code

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