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    Anonymous whispered:
    Hey there. :) So, I'm starting a RP with Superpowers and supernatural creatures. I wanted to ask you some tips, and if you know some masterlist, or guides that could helpd me with the RP. Thank you <3

    Anonymous whispered:
    Hi. I'm writing a story about a character who is a tattoo artist and was wondering if you could direct me to any resources about tattoos: their history, the art of tattooing. Anything along those lines. Thank you.


    What’s the time period? What’s the setting? These are very important questions as the history and art of tattoos heavily rely on both of them. Thus, most of the links I can give are going to be very generalized, though I might focus a bit more on the history of tattoos in the Philippines… mainly because I’m in the middle of researching about that country. Please note that the “Iceman” mentioned in several articles below is not the oldest example of human tattooing. Also note that Captain James Cook did not bring tattoos to the West. The articles remain linked mainly for the other facts.



    Ink and Methods



    I’m really sorry for taking so long. I hope that helps!

    Anonymous whispered:
    Ballet Dancing. Information that you can give me on ballet dancing? A character being a Ballet dancer


    Look here

    Some more links specifically on ballet:

    On tumblr: 

    Outside tumblr (general):

    Outside tumblr (experiences):

    Outside tumblr (videos):

    Hope that helps! Sorry for the wait!

    Playing a Werewolf


    For the sake of role play, certain canons will probably be established by the admin since various facets of the lore differ depending on the source.  Whether or not it’s transferable, who can transfer it, and whether more wolves can be bred are a few of the things that should be specified.  There is a lot of creative license here considering werewolves don’t actually exist.  The widespread practice, though, is that werewolf behavior is largely based on canine behavior.  Makes sense if you think about it.


    noun \ˈwir-ˌwlf, ˈwer-, ˈwər-\
    plural were·wolves
    : a person transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming a wolf’s form

    Origin of 

    Middle English, from Old English werwulf (akin to Old High German werwolf werewolf), from wer man + wulf wolf — more at virile, wolf
    First Known Use: before 12th century

    In European folklore, a man who changes into a wolf at night and devours animals, people, or corpses, returning to human form by day. Some werewolves are thought to change shape at will; others, who inherited the condition or acquired it by being bitten by a werewolf, are transformed involuntarily under the influence of a full moon. Belief in werewolves is found throughout the world and was especially common in 16th-century France. Humans who believe they are wolves suffer from a mental disorder called lycanthropy. (- Merriam Webster Online)

    • Hierarchy: It is generally taken that werewolf hierarchy would mirror that of a wolf pack.  The only difference being that werewolves spend time as a human.  Leaders are Alphas.  The part that can be contested based on canon is the Beta and the Omega.  In Laurell K Hamilton lore the Beta is the Alpha’s mate who has the same power over the pack and reports only to the alpha.  While, in wolf behavior the Beta is second in command and the one who takes over the pack should something happen to the Alpha.  Omegas in Patricia Briggs lore is a special yet rare breed of werewolf who does not sit in the dominance/submissive struggle.  They are neutral.  This is more a reflection on the Omega placement in actual wolf packs.  Omegas can also be seen as lone wolves.  They have no pack whether it be by choice or by exile.
    • Power: In canine behavior everything is about your place within the structure.  This is tested by dominance and strength.  In Laurell K Hamilton portrayal of hierarchy dominant wolves are at the top of the ladder while the submissive are at the bottom.  Females share their mate’s spot on the ladder whether or not their dominance can handle it.  Keep in mind that it is also portrayed that dominants and the submissive balance each other out.  Dominants are often overbearing and protective over those submissive to them while submissive are often calm and quiet.  Changes in power, most notably Alpha, usually come by challenge or death.  A challenge doesn’t necessarily have to lead to death.  it’s simply a demonstration of power.
    • Family: It is said that wolves take mates for life, though that is not always the case.  Due to the human element in werewolves this can be extremely open ended and up to the player and or admin.  The result of werwolf mates can also be up to the player and or admin.  In some instances werewolves are incapable of bearing children due to the violent nature of shifting.  In this case, more wolves are brought to the pack with bites.  Sometimes only the Alpha can turn another and other times it’s an ability any wolf can perform.  In other instances, perhaps only a human woman is capable of bearing a werewolf through the father.  Or, it’s not an issue for a female werewolf at all.    
    • Shifting:  The timing of shifts varies depending on lore.  Some wolves can only turn during the full moon.  In other cases, shifting is a matter of control.  Older, stronger wolves can shift whenever they choose.  This would mean a time of struggle with the shift.  Younger or newer wolves would probably endure a longer and more painful shift.  In other lore, shifting isn’t even an issue.  it can be done wherever and whenever.  This should be taken into consideration when writing lore for your story as it can limit what your character may be able to do.
    • Senses & Lifespan: Werewolves are usually seen as physically superior to humans with enhanced senses and strength.  Often it is written that werewolves also have an accelerated ability to heal.  The extent of these should be taken into consideration when writing lore for your characters or story.  With the healing ability it is also widely seen that werewolves have an extended lifespan in comparison to humans.  In a more supernatural setting your werewolf could even be immortal.  Although, take into consideration that most lore will cite silver as an effective way of wounding or even killing a werewolf.

    Further Reading: (Usually, I am wary of posting free sites but there is a listed reference page)


    TURNING PAGE; [ a lovers fanmix ] +listen

    { a mix for lovers that share sweet kisses and soft words. }


    [ T O N K I N R P A ' S C H A R A C T E R  P S D ]

    ↳ l a d i e s  o f  b e a u x b a t o n s 

    This character PSD is designed for Harry Potter roleplays, those set in Beauxbatons specifically. It is a 500px by 350px graphic with a 10px transparent bar down the middle. Fonts used include; Austie Bost Rest of Our Lives, Phosphorus Bromide and Cambria. PSD includes black and white for the face claim image, which can be hidden. 

    Download [ H E R E ]

    If you take my work and redistribute it as your own, even with changes, I will hunt you down and feed you to a kangaroo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    “My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument."

    — Archbishop Desmond Tutu (via ommelet)



    hello okay so this is my first psd and well like or reblog if you download and make sure you go and check out some more of my psds here. if you have any questions fill free to go here. thank you and enjoy! ↳ Download 


    PSD #18 by PS Perfect feel free to edit and adjust the layers if not stayed good in its image, but always credite to us. If you enjoyed and download not forget to like or reblog it makes me happy and keeps me posting …

    Pegou e gostou? Dê Like ou reblog :]


    action001 by othersicons 

    Hey! This action contains two versions one blurred and the other one is a sharpen more stronger. Be careful! The blurred sharpen works great on instagram pics! Hope you all loved as i do. To get this action you must like or reblog this post, and ask me the download link. - sorry for the my grammatical errors, english isn’t my native language- 

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